10 Signs Your Husband Might Be Interested in His Co-worker

It’s completely normal for individuals to form friendships at work. After all, we spend a significant amount of our waking hours in our workplaces. However, issues can arise when those friendships cross into romantic or emotional territory. One of the most complex issues is when a husband finds himself attracted to a female coworker. 

So, these situations can create a lot of anxiety, but also concern for wives who often struggle to understand if their husbands are just friends with this coworker or if there’s more to the story. Here are ten signs your man might be interested in his co-worker.

10 signs to look for

1. They spend a lot of time together 

Is your husband spending more and more time at work? Even when he comes home, is he in constant touch with his coworker? This increased level of contact could indicate an emotional connection. 

If your spouse’s friendship with his coworker seems to be taking a significant toll on your peace, it is a sign that something is wrong. It may not necessarily mean there is infidelity involved, but it’s certainly something to pay attention to – particularly if the friendship is prioritized over your relationship, making you feel ignored or undermined.

If your man dismisses your concerns, it may signify further issues, demonstrating a lack of respect for your feelings. This disregard is just as concerning as the friendship itself. On the other hand, if your husband validates your feelings and reassures you, it’s a sign of maturity and commitment.

Remember, it’s natural and healthy for your husband to have friendships outside of your relationship, even with co-workers. But if these friendships cause regular arguments or cast shadows of doubt over your relationship, it’s worth re-evaluating the situation. Healthy relationships thrive on mutual respect, trust, open dialogue, and understanding. Neglecting these elements can lead to a myriad of issues, including that of discomfort over a spouse’s co-worker friendship.

2. Increase in phone usage

Has your husband become suddenly glued to his phone, especially with messages or calls from this particular coworker? Does he try to keep his messages and calls private? Sometimes, excessive secrecy can be a clue to something more than just professional communication.

3. Conversations always revolve around this coworker 

If your husband can’t help but bring his coworker into almost every conversation, it could be a sign that he’s interested in her. Thinking and talking about the same person all the time might indicate feelings beyond just friendship.

4. Your husband is acting differently 

Any radical changes in behavior are worth considering. Is he increasingly distracted? Has he started caring more about his looks? These changes can sometimes signal that your husband might be trying to impress someone else.

5. He defends his coworker frequently

Sure, friends defend each other. However, if your husband is constantly protecting and taking his coworker’s side, it could mean that he has feelings for her. 

6. Emotional withdrawal 

If your husband suddenly seems distant, unloving, or neglectful, this might suggest that he’s emotionally involved with his coworker. Withdrawal can occur when one’s emotional energy is primarily directed elsewhere.

7. He talks about her more than you

It feels unpleasant when you realize that he talks about this coworker more than about you. The coworker’s name popping up in conversation quite a lot can be a sign he likes her.

8. Decreased intimacy 

It’s typical for couples to experience ebbs and flows in their physical intimacy. However, a sudden drop-off, alongside other questionable behaviors, could indicate that his mind is on someone else.

9. More arguments

If your husband’s friendship with his coworker often causes arguments or disagreements at home, this could be a serious red flag.

10. Your gut says something is off

Finally, never ignore your intuition. If you feel like something is off, then it just might be.

Recognizing these signs in your husband does not mean he is definitely involved with his coworker. But it does mean that there are some issues and feelings that need to be addressed.


It’s important to know that each of the signs discussed here can manifest in simple friendships or can be the result of other issues. Before you jump to conclusions, dig deeper, ask questions, and seek to understand. 

Consider discussing your feelings with your husband. Remember that transparent and efficient communication is essential for a joyous and strong marriage. If the issues persist and open communication isn’t working, consider seeking help from a relationship counselor or therapist.

It’s always painful to suspect that your husband might be interested in someone else, but it’s better to tackle these feelings head-on rather than burying them deep down. Remember, you deserve a relationship that brings you happiness, peace, and security.

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