How to Find Someone on TikTok by Phone Number 

Nowadays, finding someone’s TikTok with their phone number should work for most people. That’s because TikTok, just like WhatsApp and other social media apps, has become a primary source of information and networking. So, users on these apps use the same mobile number across different platforms, and that means, searching for that specific number on TikTok can show you the account associated with it.

In today’s guide, I’ll show you how you can quickly get someone’s TikTok account through their phone number only. So, use these methods.

Finding a TikTok account by phone number

Connect with them directly on the app

Synchronizing your list of contacts is an easy way to connect with friends and family members through TikTok. So, you should definitely try this.

Now, here is how to find someone in your contacts on TikTok:

First, make sure that the person is already added to your list of contacts. The contact synchronization works that way. It finds numbers that have accounts on the app and shows you the list of profiles. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Open your TikTok account
  2. Tap your profile icon (the one with a person’s icon and a (+)
  3. Now, you can find friends in your contacts. Tap the red button” Find” next to” Contacts
  4. Allow the app to access your list of contacts and upload it to the server
  5. Wait for the search to be completed, and you’ll get a list of contacts that have accounts on TikTok

Finding TikTok users using social media searching tools

If you’re not familiar yet with these tools, it’s time to try them. Many search engines dedicate specific resources to social media networks, and so they’re called social media search engines. These tools can help you find someone in TikTok by just typing their phone number in a search box. But wait, that doesn’t guarantee the results at 100%, and so it can work. However, you may also discover the other social media accounts behind that phone number which is great for most users.

If you don’t find that person on TikTok, his or her phone number can show you other accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc…These are the best option:


This is a sophisticated reverse phone number lookup tool that can help you search for people on social media. The system uses advanced technologies to organize the details and shows a comprehensive search report with details you might be interested in. That may include other contact details, emails, public records, and more.

This reverse phone lookup algorithm works faster than others in my tests, and it has a large database of records in the US. So, use it only if the number is located within the US, and get a better user experience, no matter if you’re on a smartphone or laptop.

The limitations of finding people on TikTok by phone numbers

In reality, by searching for a phone number on social media, that could bring you all the possible accounts that someone owns at once. That means you can see if someone has a TikTok account by typing the mobile number into Google search, for example, and discover profiles on Facebook and Instagram. After that, when looking at these newly discovered accounts on Meta, you may view mentions on TikTok or other profiles.

Consequently, social media networks can help us uncover those hidden TikTok accounts. But that won’t be as fast as with people-search tools all the way. So, if you’re looking for an easy method to find TikTok accounts by phone number, then use Google in the first place; and type the same number of that user. Next, look for profiles within the search result page.

If that doesn’t work for you, try TikTok and ensure that you have already added that person’s number to your contact list on your iPhone or Android phone. Next, import the contacts list and allow the app to find the associated users behind those numbers.


This is not as accurate as other methods, but it works for some TikTok users who share their phone numbers publicly. In other words, if the person you’re looking for on TikTok is listing their cell numbers for the business partnership, for example, then it’s possible to search for that account through Google. To do that, type the exact phone number followed by “TikTok” like the following expression:


That tells Google to search for a specific mobile number on site and provide you with the linked accounts. The best thing about this method is that it works no matter if you’re in the US or in other countries. So, make sure you type the entire number like that example. Or if you think that the person is working with global companies, add the country code at the beginning of the number.


These are some of the best methods for searching a specific phone number on TikTok and finding the accounts behind it. That could also show you other details associated with that mobile number, especially if it’s in the US, as there are powerful search tools for that. Otherwise, you may get access to public search engine results with Google and browse different pages with that contact number.

If you’ve used any other technique to locate people on TikTok through their number, make sure you tell us about it in your comment or by email. So, we can add it later to these tricks.

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