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Whether you’re looking for someone’s real name or their contact details on TikTok, there are some options to choose from. However some search engines can find information about specific Tiktok accounts with basic details such as the username or name of that person. So, here we’ll talk about that, and you should get other tips to search and learn more about unknown users who use social media, not only the TikTok app.

Finding details about a TikTok user

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You can easily find information based on a username, name or details on TikTok or social media with sophisticated algorithms.

Every search on the Internet should start through Google, it’s the most popular search engine, and it works for social media. Now, remember that TikTok accounts are crawlable by Google and public search engines. That means if you search for someone’s details on TikTok, you may find their information in a matter of seconds, which is not easy to achieve by doing the search in other ways.

To find someone’s real name on TikTok, type their username into the Google search and look for details. There could be mention of the user’s location, first name, last name, photos, and even sites or blogs. You may also filter the search results by typing words like “name” or “account” just after the username of the TikTok profile you’re looking to identify.

Social Catfish can help you discover details about someone through their TikTok username. The username these people use could be associated with their other profiles on various websites and networks. That means more sources of information to use and collect data from.

Reverse username search

Here is one example of a TikTok username; remember that not every account has the same details. Some people prefer adding their name under that username, and others have no information at all. So, that depends on how the user manages their details and privacy.

TikTok username

With reverse username search engines, it’s possible to find details about TikTok accounts like the following:

  • Social accounts
  • Photos
  • Phone numbers
  • Emails
  • Relationships
  • Locations on the Map of the possible actual and previous addresses

The information to be found with username search is not the same, depending on the system you use. So, it all depends on the data that’s available first to the search engines, and second, that’s not the same for countries with public record guidelines and data transparency.


With TruthFinder’s dedicated people search engine, you have multiple search options. You can start searching by the person’s name you see on their TikTok account. After that, take a look at the details the search report includes, and you may discover the actual name of that TikTok user and view their photos and hidden accounts on social media networks.

This search engine organizes the details by category so that you can get information like the following:

  • Personal details: This includes first plus last name, age, birth date, etc…
  • Contact information such as phone numbers and emails
  • Related people like neighbors, associates, relatives
  • Social media profiles on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…
  • Locations with previous addresses on the Map
  • Any traffic and criminal records found
  • Assets and more data

The report can also be saved as a PDF for later use. Additionally, TruthFinder is not only a search engine to find information about TikTok users and social media; it’s a complete background search system that helps a lot. So, thousands of people use that system to identify anonymous email senders, phone callers, and users they have never met in person. That should help to prevent scams online, and by knowing who someone is in reality, there should be many ways to protect yourself and others from Internet fraud and spam.


With Bing, you have a different search algorithm that crawls the web differently and indexes results faster. Bing is owned by Microsoft, which is one of the biggest players in the tech industry.

For accuracy, Bing provides search results that are updated, and unlike the old days of the web, you may use search parameters to filter out the names you don’t want. So, start identifying people you find on TikTok by typing their names into Bing search. Next, look for other social accounts on Facebook or Instagram and read their details and biographies.

Even Twitter can show you who someone is on TikTok by searching for their name there. That Work, especially if that mysterious user is using a different social profile at once.

Here is another trick that can be great for the search, you can add the word “Facebook” just after the username of the TikTok account you would like to identify. That tells Bing that we need to search for details associated with that TikTok username or name on Facebook. Thus, you may find the TikTok user’s Facebook profile which includes information about them like location, name, numbers, etc…

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is another TikTok information finder system that you can search by username or by picture. First, type the exact TikTok username of that suspicious person, then see if the search report helps with details with names and addresses.

Here is an example of a search report. As you can see, there is the full name and age of the TikTok user we wanted to identify.

Search report

If that makes no difference, there is another solution to find further details about TikTok accounts when uploading their profile photos. Just click on the “Image” search option and upload one from your device. It’s better to choose a clear picture of that TikTok user. Otherwise, uploading a low-quality photo won’t be that easy and accurate.

Other options

You may use a variety of techniques to locate email addresses on TikTok. They can greatly increase your chances of success even though they might not ensure it every time. These two tools are Spokeo and iStaunch.

iStaunch is an application that lets you search for an email address by entering the user’s TikTok username. If iStaunch finds a related email address, it will give you the details right away. It’s important to remember, though, that it’s always a good idea to double-check the email addresses you got from iStaunch. Ensuring the accuracy of the email addresses prevents bouncebacks and preserves deliverability.

Use Spokeo to find the TikTok user if you can’t find them on any other social media sites. Spokeo will look up the user’s other profiles if you just input their TikTok username. Spokeo’s unique selling point is that, prior to sending any emails, it verifies the email addresses it discovers. In addition to saving you time, this guards against any possible harm to your sender’s reputation.

These apps, such as iStaunch and Spokeo, can help you uncover email addresses connected to TikTok members more frequently.


These are the best TikTok account details finder tools available today. You can start with any of them to search for someone’s real identity on the app and know if they’re real or fake users. When you collect some details about that mysterious individual through a TikTok username or other information, use Google and combine all the search techniques to have a clear idea about that person.

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