How do I Know if My Partner is Cheating on WhatsApp?

How do I tell if my partner is cheating on WhatsApp? Using WhatsApp on iPhone, Android or laptop is not a new thing. Nowadays, millions of people across the US and the world are texting and exchanging information where they go. But also, that could be used for cheating and that happens a lot. So, how do you know if your partner is using the WhatsApp tool for their secret affairs?

Now, if there is a clear fact here it will be this. WhatsApp is a great messaging app that makes things easier and saves lots of money when it comes to communicating with people in any country. Thus, it’s used by good and bad guys like any service or product worldwide.

This means that distinguishing between a cheating husband on Facebook and a guy who installs WhatsApp to stay in touch with a friend, colleagues, and others won’t be that easy.

How to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp?

Check their details

How to catch a cheating husband on WhatsApp for free? Nothing could tell you more details about your partner more than an advanced search tool. All you need is one of the person’s basic details such as the phone number, first name, last name, and street address. Even more, you can find out the truth when you search by the username used on their known social media profiles.

When you reverse lookup any of these details, you could easily find the secret dating accounts and other profiles that your partner is hiding on many websites and apps. In addition, if there is any registered WhatsApp account in his number and name, you can find it with a few clicks if that’s possible, of course.

If your partner is using WhatsApp for their secret affairs, you have the right tools to search through and find any possible associate or person they communicate with. So, try the Google search if nothing could be found with these tools. Next, see if you can find any search results by typing the person’s full name or cell phone number.

Check their texts

This is not the best method to check if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you using WhatsApp or any other messaging app. However, if it’s an urgent need and you should see with whom they’re texting, then, you can only tell that by looking at their smartphone through a spy app or using the device itself.

So, try to find the right time to check their mobile phone. After that, check the suspicious WhatsApp conversation you’re dealing with. Sometimes, guys like girls let their devices unlocked when taking a shower or doing other things. That may be the best moment to verify things.

Signs your partner is cheating through WhatsApp

One of the best ways to tell if your husband is cheating on you using WhatsApp is to try to be closer to him when he’s texting others. Next, if you notice that he or she’s hiding the conversation or they’re being secretive a lot, then it’s probably because they’re messaging another girlfriend.

Also, if the guy is texting or calling late at night and that happens frequently, it’s another sign he’s contacting another female. But you need to verify that in many ways before asking him directly.

Another way to verify the reasons why someone is using WhatsApp is to check his status many times during the day and send them texts at different times. Then, look for the time they need to respond.

If they seem “online” but they take a long time to reply to your messages, that’s probably because they’re texting another person and they’re spending more time on WhatsApp or in real life.

Take a look at their profile details

If you want to know how to catch your spouse cheating on WhatsApp, then, photos under profiles can tell you more. Sometimes, a simple picture that your husband puts under his WhatsApp account can tell you the answer. If he’s using an attractive picture like the one that females like on dating sites, that’s probably a sign of cheating and he has a Tinder account or others.

You can verify that by looking at his profile from your own WhatsApp installation. If you’re not using WhatsApp yet, it’s a good time to try it, or at least see what personal details your man is using there.

If you think that your spouse has a secret WhatsApp account, then, they’ll use a different phone number from the one you know. That’s why you need to look up their personal details with one of the best search tools to find the data.

One of the details you can use to lookup your partner’s personal details are: his real name, mobile number, email, address, or even a picture of them.

If you successfully found another cell number he or she uses, add it to your contact list. After that, search for it on your WhatsApp list of friends and you’ll see if they have an account or not. The WhatsApp tool suggests friends from your contact list, and that happens only if they have profiles on the platform.

He’s just using it like others for good reason

If you consider the fact that over 2 billion people are using WhatsApp, you’ll find that not all this huge number of users are playing games there even if that happens relatively. So, because lots of people installed WhatsApp for texting and video calls, others won’t find any other way to reach them without installing the same mobile application on their smartphones. It’s like a wave that forces many people to do the same to stay connected with friends and others.

Is he traveling a lot?

Traveling is not on its own a sign of cheating even if that happens on many occasions. In fact, many business owners travel days and nights for their new possible partnerships. Consequently, men who install a texting app such as WhatsApp on their iPhones or other OSs prefer communicating with their customers or others because that’s what most people use worldwide.

Facebook is not the preferred way of communication for many entrepreneurs, and WhatsApp is an alternative option that thousands of individuals like more. As a result, it’s a new way to stay in touch with others in different locations and even continents. And by just using WhatsApp, that does not mean he’s cheating on you, but he’s using it for business purposes.


As you can see from these details, if someone has WhatsApp installed on their smartphone, that does not mean they’re using it for cheating or secret affairs, nor does that mean the contrary.

Everyone can use WhatsApp for good reasons to stay in touch with loved ones, people he works with, and everybody. However, by looking at some common signs, you may determine if your partner is unfaithful or not by installing such messaging tools.

The final word here is not to judge your partner simply because he’s using a texting app. WhatsApp like Viber, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram is used by millions of people, and comparing these tools to cheating apps like Tinder is not right.

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