How do I Deal with my Husband Texting Another Woman on Facebook?

The fact that a husband sends private messages to women on Facebook is not always a sign of cheating, nor does it mean the contrary. However, by applying some tips, tricks, and verifications, you can tell whether he’s a player. So, keep reading the guide; we’ll show you the best ways to know if your man uses Facebook Messenger for hidden affairs with other girls. Most importantly, we’ll tell you what you can do.

Before starting, I advise you to take your time when it comes to thinking about marriage and relationship issues, especially with the girls your man is probably talking to on any social media site.

That’s because bad decisions based on guessing are common these days, and in many cases, they’re wrong. So don’t do the same, and carefully investigate the issues and see what you can collect as information about your partner before accusing him of cheating.

Is your husband messaging girls on Facebook?

It’s always possible that a husband sends private messaging on Facebook, but that’s not always the case. Your husband may not be aware of the issues, or he doesn’t respect the fact that being married and receiving text messages all day from a female friend is not always appropriate. Because Facebook may be used for cheating like WhatsApp, it’s worth taking your time to investigate and gather the information you need.

Look at the following details to understand the whole subject and know why he’s getting such messages from her through Facebook or other social media apps.

Verify who that woman is

When you see your spouse sending messages to a female on Facebook, you must uncover her identity and see who he’s texting exactly. Now, the best technique for doing that is by using an advanced reverse lookup tool for usernames, names, phone numbers, or even emails.

In other words, by just typing that girl’s username used on her Facebook profile, you’ll see who she is in real life, where she lives, and see most of her personal details that even Google won’t tell you anything about.

If you don’t have the username of that girl, use your husband’s username that he’s using on Facebook, and if that makes no difference, you should try with his cell phone number or with his first and last name.

Moreover, in today’s world of technology, you can search for people with their first names and location online. Then, you can uncover their Snapchat accounts with a username. That also can work with Facebook, Instagram, and more.

Using any of the above search options can uncover any possible associates your husband hides on social media and even on dating sites if that’s what he does. So, before doing anything, try this to see behind the scenes and find with whom your partner is messaging on Facebook.

Then, you can decide based on that research if he is actually cheating or just messaging somebody he used to chat with from high school, or a colleague, etc…

Here is another trick that might help you find who your man is texting on Facebook. First, take note of his username on Facebook and search for it on Instagram. Now, look for any profile in his name because if he uses the same username on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll find his account there.

Of course, you know how to see his list of friends, and from there, look for any girl you don’t recognize, or that looks suspicious by her look, etc…Then, check her account and see who she is by name, etc…

In addition, Google can show you some of their personal information online by searching for their full name, address, or other data.

Why does he message her through Facebook?

Now, when it comes to reality, no one will be able to tell the truth without being aware of everything your husband is doing online, offline, etc… That means if he’s texting someone else, and in this case, she’s a female, why would he do that? Do they work for the same company? Or do they go to the same Gym? Who knows what they do and with whom they meet?

Meanwhile, you may ask yourself why your husband is getting local hookup messages on Facebook; that’s another story.

If your partner is talking to other women through Instagram, for example, you can see that user’s profile. Then, look at her profile photos and posts for an idea. If you have doubts that your spouse is using Tinder secretly or similar dating sites, make sure you do your research about that.

When you find your husband texting ladies on Facebook Messenger or hiding conversations on social media apps, these are some questions to ask.

Watch him around

Do you suspect your husband is cheating on you with another girl on Facebook? Then, watch him around, see how he acts, and ask yourself if he will meet her somewhere in your city. But you don’t have another choice rather than verifying who that woman is without disturbing anyone?

Next, look for other ways to get into his phone message app. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to have a look at someone else’s text conversations when suspecting he’s going to hurt you in any way.

If you doubt that there is a hidden cell phone somewhere in the house, try to search for it. There are some cell phone detector devices you can use. Or search for your man’s main phone number in a reverse lookup tool and see if there is any secret number you don’t know about.

Ask your husband directly about those messages

Sometimes, the best way to find information about people is to ask them. So whenever you have doubts that your spouse is sending messages to a female on Facebook every day, then why not ask him directly? Just tell him what you feel and give him the time to think about that.

If he’s talking to old friends or someone you can trust, he’ll tell you about her. But sometimes, men feel that they may cause issues when talking about girls. They often text on Facebook, so they hide that.

Don’t panic

This is what you should do if you think that your husband is not going to cheat, probably; he’s doing some regular work online by exchanging Facebook messages with a female colleague because she’s available only on Messenger.

This might seem like a strange excuse for me. But that happens; many people prefer being social and neglect checking their emails daily. Consequently, they’re best reached by Facebook messages, and if that’s what your spouse is doing for his job, then don’t panic.


Many people use Facebook to send and receive messages, which is fine. However, for married couples, that could indicate some signs of infidelity or other issues. So even married men can get messages from ladies on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, and now you can tell why he’s doing that and what that means for you as a wife or girlfriend.

Depending on what situation you’re facing, you can adapt the above tips and recommendations to your case. If your man is texting another girl while he’s in a relationship, that could indicate different things, from cheating to normal conversations. The final word here is to take your time and look for any secret detail you don’t know about your partner. See how he acts and what he does, and conclude based on that.

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