How to Know if Someone is Lying to you through Text

We’re in the era of social media, and using text messages is what most people prefer to communicate with friends, partners, and colleagues. But that comes with challenges with verifying details, and in fact, telling if someone you’re talking to through text is lying to you or not is not always a fast process. That being said, there should be some sort of verifications or signs to know if the person you’re talking to is honest or hides things.

In today’s guide, we’ll show you the best ways to spot a liar over text messages. This can be done by looking at common signs that liars have in common when messaging through WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, or any other app.

How to spot text message lies

1. Verify what they say online

By using dedicated search algorithms, users will have the possibility to easily tell if the person they’re talking to in a chat is lying about their details, including their age, location, name, job, or not by running a full background search about them.

The best part about this amazing technique is that when someone lies to you. Of course, you know the truth, you can easily confront them and even more, you’ll have a full report about that guy or girl, including their secret dating profiles, other social media accounts, phone numbers, emails, etc…

The best thing that you can do when someone lies to you in a relationship is to reverse lookup their full name and state (or city), phone number, or other personal details to find more data about them. Then, look for any hidden detail you don’t know about them, such as the secret associates, and Internet accounts.

Because many dating scammers know what to do to attract their victims, I recommend checking every piece of information these people have on their profiles, messages, or emails. So, make sure you verify their real name first, then, look for where they’re located, and don’t be surprised to find that they’re from another country or continent.

Next, you have other personal information to verify, such as their degree, military service, location, etc… You can do that by typing their full name or username in the search box of advanced people search tools like the first option above or even on Google or Bing.

2. The person is online but ignoring your texts

When someone is connected to the Internet on his smartphone, they’ll get a text notification about incoming messages. But if that person is not responding to your messages, then, he’s chatting with someone else at that time, and they don’t want to mix the two conversations.

In Viber, for example, there is the “online” and “last seen” status, and with that, you can know if your friend is really ignoring you or he’s not online. WhatsApp also has that feature, and of course, some people will block others from seeing that notification. But most people won’t do that.

If someone is using the Internet for other reasons. But they prefer not to respond to you, then, they might have a reason for that, and who knows if they lied about things and they don’t want you to catch them about their location, etc…

This is the best way to tell if your boyfriend is lying about his social media account or not through text. If he seems to be online, however, he doesn’t respond to your messages, then, that’s probably because he hides a secret Facebook account (or similar profile) that he used for others. Or even more, some guys hide secondary Instagram and Tinder profiles from others except their girlfriends or partners.

3. They respond slowly to specific questions

This is not always the same for everyone. Once you notice that your boyfriend, girlfriend, or anyone is delaying the answer when you ask them about their location or real name, then, that’s because they’re trying to lie and justify things.

One of the best ways to test if someone is lying about his actual location through text is by asking the question clearly, “where are you right now” that’s it. Now, put yourself in the place of that person who will lie about their current location, they’ll spend a few moments, if not minutes thinking about the lie, and so, they’ll create a complete scenario for that.

Consequently, if you see that they take a long time to answer these questions, then, they’re probably lying, and they’re in a hotel room, another house, or a different city. But remember, that’s only a guess, and you need to think about that and not just say, he or she’s lying about the location.

4. Ask them questions

Here are some questions you can ask someone to see if they are really lying over text or telling the truth:

Ask them if they have other social accounts that you don’t know about: If you use a search tool like the one above in section 1 and you see a hidden page on Instagram, TikTok, etc…Check it out and see if there are other details the person is trying to keep hidden from you.

Also, you can ask them about their age. If they respond slowly or delay the response, you also have the search tool to see the possible age of that person directly under their detailed report.

Third, I recommend asking the person you suspect is lying to you about the places he lived and the actual address. There are many ways to tell the exact location of that person by sending them a link.

That being said, I don’t recommend that. Instead, try to see if the place they text you from is far away from what you see in their background search report. If that’s the case, then, probably, you’re talking to someone else, especially if you never met with that guy or girl, and that happens a lot with dating scammers.

Other ways to catch someone in a lie

Online dating is full of lies, and being dishonest is what many ladies and men do there, so, be careful when you chat with someone you don’t know personally. Instead, start looking at their details from the username they have on the site or the full name and the details under their profile descriptions. You may find it full of lies and misinformation.

Being in a chat with someone you only know by username or photo on a dating website or application should be taken seriously if you want to stay safe. There are thousands of romance scammers on popular dating sites. So the only way to protect yourself, and your family members from the bad guys is by teaching them how to verify somebody’s identity. Next, see who these unknown individuals are in the real world.

Also, there are smart ways to verify what almost anybody is saying in text messages or emails. For example, when someone who is a man, or a woman sends you a photo on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Snapchat, you can easily download that file and upload it to a dedicated reverse image lookup site. After that, you can see if someone shared that picture elsewhere on the Internet.

You’ll be surprised to see that same photo on other people’s profiles on Instagram or Facebook because they’re not the same person with whom you’re talking over text.


By following these tips, tricks, and signs, you should have the correct answer about whether or not a specific person is lying over text. Unlike the psychological signs to tell when a person is lying by looking at their eyes when texting over iPhone and Android apps, hiding a lie in words is not the same. Watch for the above signs, and you’ll know the answer.

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