Is your Husband Looking at Other Females on TikTok?

If your husband is looking at other females on the TikTok app, that could mean lots of things. But for sure, there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Whether your spouse is just checking out other girls on social media for fun or because he’s attracted to them, you need to think about that first. Second, it’s worth verifying who those girls are on TikTok by searching for their names or usernames and learning more details.

Now, here is how you can do that and what to do once you have doubts about your partner being addicted to TikTok.

Verify the identity of those girls

Whether the woman your husband is looking at on TikTok is beautiful or not, verifying who they are is crucial if you have doubts about your relationship. 

So, let’s start by finding out the real name of that user and comparing details with what you see on their accounts. It’s possible that these women are not real on TikTok. So, your husband may be the next victim of an online scam.

If that’s the case, it’s your role to protect your relationship first and then keep your man away from those users you don’t want him to connect with.

Social Catfish is an excellent example of a people search engine that can help you. Just type the TikTok username of that girl, and see her details like address, age, other social accounts, and even contact details. Additionally, you may see her education, and address on the Map and see if she has any criminal records.

Here is one example of a search:

Search report

The details about that girl may help you determine who she is, and where she comes from. So, if you get some details about her, like her full name and contact details, take note of that. Next, search for her accounts on social media to have a good understanding of her identity. There could be a fake profile to discover with a different name, and that TikTok user might not be a real woman.

Verifying the details of females on TikTok

Also, search engines are the best way to tell who someone is on TikTok. Just type the username of that girl you see on TikTok and see the details through Google.

If Google brings no information about that TikTok user, try searching by their profile photo. That could show you the location of that user on TikTok. So, that will be the city where the user lives and not a real-time location. From that, search for any information you find on other social media networks and investigate that person further.

Remember that lots of users on TikTok are fake or have fake followers. The same thing applies to Instagram, Twitter, and other sites. Millions of accounts are fake, and your man could be watching someone else’s videos on TikTok and not the actual user of that account. That means someone is trying to catfish your husband, and you should be aware of all that.

Things to look for

Identity theft has become a real issue today. We see lots of guys being catfished on the Internet, just like what happens with dating site scams. The first thing to do is verify whether the user on that TikTok account is real or not. That video could be taken from someone else’s videos, and you can verify that by browsing the list of videos on that account. If you see lots of videos of different people, that could prove the user behind it is stealing the content from YouTube or other sources.

TikTok is ruining marriages if there is no trust and faith in each other. Why would someone spend hours enjoying watching ladies on TikTok if he doesn’t love his partner? There could be hidden things to look for. That includes secret social media profiles, conversations, hidden messages with girls, and more.

If your husband is obsessed with TikTok, he could be attracted to someone there. So, if that user is a girl, take a look at their videos. Sometimes, these videos could be funny, and the man is just laughing at them. Now, if you see that your man is spending all his time watching and commenting on TikTok videos of other girls, that’s not healthy. Sometimes, commenting on TikTok could be considered cheating in wives’ eyes. So that should be taken seriously if you want to save your marriage.

Should you worry about that?

You’re the only one who can answer this question 100%. But in all cases, it’s not always an alarming sign when you catch your husband looking at gorgeous ladies on TikTok. The guy is like millions of others who use social media networks. So, when he comes across that attractive female, he’ll look at her photos and videos.

In other words, he’s not the only one who does that. Most guys never resist looking at attractive girls, especially when their TikTok is full of videos. It’s the same with Instagram and Facebook. If you want to stop your man from looking at a specific female’s profile on social media, you’ll never win the battle. He’ll find a new way to view the pictures and videos through fake accounts or in other ways. That will complicate things for both sides.

The main lesson here is that it only becomes problematic if your spouse is addicted to TikTok. In that case, it’s not a good idea to spend long hours watching TikTok videos of girls you have never met. Thus, you should start a conversation and learn more about the reason why your man is checking those females online indirectly.

You should build a constructive exchange of ideas and read your husband’s mind through body language and looking at his eyes. You know him, and you can tell if he really did that for fun or because he has other plans.


Catching your husband seeing videos of other women on TikTok is not new. Lots of guys do that every single day, and TikTok is not limited in any way. Lots of girls post videos that attract both guys and women. So, it won’t be a good idea to keep thinking about the issue without being open to hearing from each other. It’s your marriage, and every wife should know what her husband expects from her in a healthy relationship.

In the end, you’ll find the issues to be fixed, and you’ll tell if your man is not faithful or just using the platform like others. You probably don’t like that because he uses TikTok to view videos of users, including girls you find attractive.

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